Arturo Contromano

Ska is one of the music genres that has been from the 1960s. This music has had its own history. t5his is the music that is being played by the band Arturo Contromano. It is a band from Italy that had its own record being produced. They were known to be on the ska music genre. This genre was made when three people met together and created a sound system that will play the rhythm and blues of America.

They ere Prince Buster, Duke Reid, and Clement Dodd. They in turn then made their own music and record it. It became popular with other people in different nations. Ska has become played much than other genres at that time. There were three times that ska has become popular. One is when it was introduced as it is the one that was being played and the number one choice. The second time it was revived happened in the late 1970s in the country of Britain.

They had made some twists into it. The third wave of it being played is from the 1980s until it reached its peak in the 1990s around the world.

Arturo Contromano has had its own album and the had tracks in it. This includes the Charleston, The Night, Itsononlypassion, Life Cartoons, Pitch Clouds, The fruit of sin, Living in the kaos, Your Eyes, The Dreamer and the Arturos voice. The album was entitled “La Voce De Arturo” and it was performed by the band recording it as the best they can be.